I just like taking photos. It is more than a hobby, it’s my way of discovering the beauty around us and share it with you all.

I won my first photo course in 2010 by participating in a contest for a good cause. The main purpose was to donate money for kids suffering of heart disease by sending photos with hearts. The more photos, the more donation for the kids. And for the person with the biggest amount of photos the prize was a photo course. I remember running up and down in the city, in the supermarkets and shops for hunting any possible hearts. I was not the first one in this contest, but on the 3rd place. I was lucky the prize was offered in the end also for 2nd and 3rd places. This is how I became a photographer. The biggest challenge was to create a pin hole. I decided to make one out of a jewelry box and I was so curious about it. And the biggest achievement was to see the photos taken with it. It really worked! In the coming period I am going to attend a professional photo course. And for the rest I only need good light.

I have a Nikon P7000 and most of the photos posted here are taken with this small camera, which helped me learning photography.

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